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A Food and Travel Blog from a girl who can't resist a Ramos Gin Fizz.

My love for cocktails started in New York, in particular it was a Ramos Gin Fizz that changed my world. I’ve been spoilt by my cousin M's renditions of it - he's pretty much perfected the art of making one. I remember one night when he was behind the bar at Amor & Amargo (a fantastic bitters bar in the East Village), I downed so many Gin Fizzes, I was floating on air by the end of it. A Ramos makes you feel like that...hence, the name of the blog.

When I lived in New York, I always knew a good place to eat or drink. But then I moved to London and found myself a bit lost. It wasn't as easy to go out here as it was in New York and I could never figure out all the sprawling neighbourhoods of London. Discovering Relais de Venise L'EntrecĂ´te in Marylebone was starting point of my love affair with dining out in London. 

I love giving recommendations on where to eat out and what are the best dishes to order. So I started initially started this blog to chronicle my explorations of London one restaurant at a time.

But what I really love is writing about unique dining experiences hence my blog now features  my reviews on the latest and greatest Supper Clubs and pop-up food events in London.

~ Tulsi

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