Experimental Cocktail Club

I totally forgot about a whirlwind night I had where I ended up at the Experimental Cocktail Club in Chinatown. While I have experienced dining out at a variety of restaurants in London,  I’m still not sure where to go to find a 'speakeasy' style bar that serves good cocktails. I could give you a list of amazing bars in New York where the bartenders serve cocktails like they are works of art but in London, I’m quite clueless and have vague notions of making it across to Purl someday.

So I was thrilled to bits to be outside the door of ECC late on a Friday night and get in without much of a fuss.  I tried to take pictures but it was too dark and I was too inebriated to care. Luckily they made an excellent Pisco Sour though the Gin Fizz was not up to the mark. Or maybe I’ve just been spoilt by my cousin M renditions of it - he's pretty much perfected the art of making a Ramos Gin Fizz. I remember one night when he was behind the bar at Amor & Amargo (a fantastic bitters bar in the East Village), I downed so many Gin Fizzes, I was floating on air by the end of it. A Ramos makes you feel like that....hence, name of blog :)

So if you love cocktails and find yourself in Soho and don’t want to night to end, walk along Gerrad street past the  Chinese restaurants till you find a random door with a bouncer glaring at you and walk on up and try the Pisco Sour.

Experimental Cocktail Club Chinatown
13A Gerrad Street 
London W1D 5PS
Tube:  Piccadilly Circus


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