Bocca di Lupo: Delicious Italian food in Soho

Bocca di Lupo is amazing!

….and unfortunately, everyone knows it.

It really baffles me how hard it to get a reservation at a good restaurant in London – you to book a week or two in advance or join the dreaded ‘no-reservation’ queue where depending on your luck you might find yourself waiting over an hour for table. And then you have the conundrum of should you cut your losses and just leave or do you stubbornly insist that since  you spent ages standing in line you might as well go for the long haul. It's such a draining experience, when you finally sit down, eat and then realize you just spent over an hour waiting for a 30 minute dining experience. (Relaise de Venise – I’m looking at you!)

Anyway not too worry, Bocca di Lupo does take reservations and you can get a table if you’re a bit last minute in planning but willing to be flexible in terms of time/day. 

The food was sublime. Everything tasted fresh with delicate flavours. We had the raw platter of langoustine, sea bream and scallops ~ 'Crudita di mare' paired with gorgeous pink blood-orange.

The menu is divided in to small and large plates. We chose 3 smaller plates giving us the option to share and try more dishes. We started with inky cuttlefish and troife pasta dish which was the first time I had had troife and I love the combination.

Next was the Orecchiette with ndjua (spicy sausage), onion and tomato. I wasn't expecting much from this dish but really enjoyed the spicy flavours.

My favourite was the Risotto Milanese - possibly the best risotto I have ever had made of saffron and bone-marrow. 

For dessert, we shared the profiteroles filled with three types of gelato - pistachio, hazelnut and chestnut. So good! The deserts come from their gelato shop Gelupo which is right next door. 

I highly recommend all these dishes but you might not get to try them given how the menu changes everyday depending on their daily produce. It’s lovely to see how committed they to cooking with the best fresh ingredients even if it means changing the dinner menu if something runs out at lunch. 

You must try sitting at the chef's counter if it's just the two of you since you feel you're in the thick of things watching chefs cook away. I’m definitely returning for a second visit since I know I’ll probably get to try a whole new set of dishes!

There was older gentleman sitting next to me who was dining by himself. We started chatting and proof of how BdL can win you over, he told me he's been here over 50 times since the restaurant opens! No wonder it's hard to get a reservation when its got such loyal clientele.

loved  Bocca di Lupo and my dining companion, Eli G gave her Italian stamp of approval as well.

Bocca di Lupo

12 Archer Street London W1D 7BB
Tel:0207 734 2223
Tube: Picadilly Circus

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