MEAT Liquor: Best Burger Joint in London, right next to Oxford Circus

After a night out, we were walking back home, when one of my friends started feeling hungry. There was a debate on whether we should go to McDonalds or not, when I suddenly realized we were right on Oxford Street, a few steps away from the famous Meat Liquor. 

I instantly declared we had to go there and waxed on lyrically how the burgers were supposed to be out of this world. When they asked me if I had been there, a bit deflated, I had to admit – no I hadn’t. But I had heard so much – the reviews promised such greatness and we had to go. I think to humour me, they agreed.  

It’s in the building right behind Debenhams and the interiors are intentionally grungy. It was 1 am and the kitchen had closed but the waitress was nice enough to sneak us in and place our order. I ordered the Dead Hippie – a double cheese burger with pickles, minced onions, ketchup and mustard and some crispy, stringy fries.

And after the first mouthful, I knew it was true – this was certainly the best burger I had ever had in London. The meat was of amazing quality and was so soft and juicy.  My mouth was in utter bliss.

I used to be crazy about the burgers at this place called Burger Joint in New York City (behind the curtain in the lobby of Le Parker Meridien on 56th St. between 6th & 7th Ave. in case you’re interested) – and I’ve finally found a London replacement. I practically inhaled it in one breath – it was that good. 

So good, I actually went back two days later. I told myself it was for research purposes – to find out if the food was actually that good in the light of day. The second time around I sat at the bar and had the Swiss cheese burger with mushrooms. And it was just as amazing as before. I’ve officially fallen for Meat Liquor – hook, line and sinker.


74 Welbeck Street London W10 GBA
Tube: Oxford Circus

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Square Meal

Inside MEAT Liquor


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