Epicurely Event: Hoxton Nosh - A 6 course Tasting Menu by Josh Posner

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When Josh told me about his next event, I was quite keen to attend. You might remember a review I did of his previous supper club held through Epicurely.

The setting this time was different from the first event which had about 8 diners. This was held at the Hoxton Apprentice, a beautiful space at Hoxton Square, owned by the charity – Training For Life. Tickets were £25 (+£2 booking fee) for a 6 course dinner and all proceeds from the bar went to the charity. While I do prefer the more intimate atmosphere of the previous dinner (watching Josh cook right in front of us was a nice treat!), I had to admire how the event was now scaled up to cater for 40 people.

The first course was tiny little boiled egg (quail I think) with horseradish and parsley. Unfortunately I have a rather tumultuous relationship with eggs and I’m not too fond of soft boiled eggs. So I can’t really comment on this course.

The second was a familiar one – burnt potato with brown butter and pickled cucumber slices. Earthy rustic flavours highlighted by that delicious brown butter.
Hoxton Nosh Buon Appetito Josh Posner GinFizzGirl Epicurely Boiled egg, salt water, horseradish, parsley
Boiled Egg, Salt water, Horseradish & Parsley

The third course was roasted cauliflowers with a mushroom glaze, toasted almonds and chicken sauce.  I absolutely loved this dish and was glad to see it on the menu again.

Next was the shallots cooked in rice wine with marjoram and pumpkin seeds. I was looking forward to this dish and while I still enjoyed the flavours – I think it fares better when served in a bowl rather than on a plate. With a bowl, you get to appreciate the chicken broth better – which I had waxed lyrically on about in my last post.

The fifth course was smoked ox cheek, Jerusalem artichokes, turnips and beef sauce – an utterly fabulous dish. I've never tried ox cheek before – it’s similar to the texture of beef brisket. It was soft, moist and tender and full of flavour – paired with a comforting mash. This dish went down really well. 

My only critique would be that there wasn't enough of it! I know this was a tasting menu but damn, that was good stuff. The ox cheek and the roasted cauliflowers were my two favourite dishes on the menu.

Then came 2 desserts – a mascarpone cream with a lovely Muscat grape syrup garnished with poppy and fennel – a nice palate cleanser and the other dessert was a milk jelly (like a panna cotta) with brown bread, golden orange raisins and honey.

 Hoxton Nosh Josh Posner Epicurely Buon Appetito Milk Jelly, Brown Bread, Pollen & Honey
Milk Jelly, Brown Bread, Pollen & Honey

There’s always an unexpected, playful element to Josh’s food. You never really know what you're going to get when you’re sitting down for a meal. A part of animal you've never tried before (pig’s neck, anyone?), a combination that doesn't quite make sense in your head but tastes amazing (mushroom-glazed cauliflowers) or a simple little vegetable elevated to centre stage by a few key ingredients (like the shallots in chicken broth).

I’m also starting to realize how these food events listed on the Epicurely website are a great way to meet new people. London is a large city and I remember how lost I felt when I first moved here. And now, just through these two events, I've met quite a few people whom I've enjoyed getting to know while discussing Josh’s food!

Josh is planning to do more pop-up ‘Nosh’ dinners which you can find out about through Epicurely so watch this space: http://www.epicurely.com/

You can read about my review on the first event here which has more pictures.  Unfortunately most of pictures I took this time turned out rather blurry.

You can follow Josh on twitter @rogan_josh or email him at joshposner@live.co.uk


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