Delicious Lebanese food at Fairuz in Marylebone

I'm still thinking about the delicious Lebanese food I had at Fairuz this weekend. I can't believe I walk past this Middle Eastern restaurant so many times and have not thought to try it out. It's on Blandford street just off of Marylebone High street and there is warm, cozy atmosphere the moment you walk inside.

We started off with a few cold mezze dishes - a light gentle Baba Ghanouj - smoked aubergine with lemon juice and sesame oil studded with ruby pomegranate seeds, a classic Hummous Kawerma with scattered diced lamb and pine nuts and the star of the show - a lemony bowl of Foul Mukalla - soft broad beans with coriander and garlic.

I proceeded to stuff myself silly on all three - spooning mouthfuls with the bread provided. My dining companion who goes here all the time was a little taken aback with my enthusiasm but not unduly surprised I think!

We also had the Kibbeh Mikliyyeh - minced meat with onions and pine nuts which is then fried. This tasted so good with a squeeze of lemon juice and then dipped into tahini sauce. I also really liked the  Soujouk - tiny little spicy lamb sausages.

What else can I say, I am definitely going back there!

3 Blandford Street London W1U 3DA
Tel: 020 7486 8108

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