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When my friend told me that he loved Korean barbecue and waxed lyrically about the food he at when visiting Seoul – I knew I had to take him to Koba.  It was bit of a risk though since the last time I had been there was four years ago!  So I wondered if it would be still as good as I remembered.

And it was! Dinner was superbly fantastic. The restaurant still has its casual buzzy vibe, with its hectic but always friendly service, and the food still as excellent as I remember. When we got there, we were so ravenously hungry that we skipped ordering appetizers and went straight to choosing the meats for the barbecue  You can order various selections of marinated, raw meat like beef, pork, chicken and the waiter barbecues them right in front of you on a circular grill that’s in the middle of the table.

Korean BBQ Koba GinFizzGirl

We went a little crazy and ordered quite a bit: Duck with a sweet citrus sauce, Kalbi (marinated beef spare ribs), Beef Bulgogi (thinly sliced beef sirloin with vegetables) and Daeji Bulgoi (sweet and spicy pork belly). To go with the meat we ordered Pamoochim (sliced spring onion with chilli and vinegar) and Sagchoo (lettuce and soybean paste) and some rice. I then had the most brilliant time making little lettuce wraps of slightly charred yet tender flavourful slices of beef with dabs of the soybean paste and bits of salad. Each mouthful tasted divine. After a point, the lettuce was abandoned and I unashamedly ate the meat straight off the grill.

The highlight of the night was probably the succulent pieces of pork belly that were probably not the healthiest choice but oh-so-mouth-wateringly-melt-in-your-mouth good! The weakest link was the duck in comparison to the other dishes. In any case, all this delicious food paired with several shots of Soju, a Korean rice wine and some gorgeous green tea ice-cream for dessert made it a very enjoyable dinner.

I highly recommend Koba - I can't believe it slipped off my radar for such a long time. My next visit, for sure will be much sooner than 4 years! Go with a few friends, grab a drink at bar nearby before and get ready for a fun meal with some sizzling delicious Korean BBQ.


11 Rathbone Street London W1T 1NA
Tel: 020 7580 8825
Tube: Goodge Street

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