Flavrbox: Review of September Flavrbox

This time when I received my Flavrbox at work, it caught the attention of my co-workers and upon unearthing the first item, a lady near me gave a squeal of excitement. The Torta de Aceite (£3.00) biscuits I was holding were her favourite as a child growing up in Spain. I wasn’t familiar with them so I was a bit astonished by her enthusiasm. Turns out they are quite special – each crispy flakey biscuit is hand-made using extra virgin olive oil, flavoured with cinnamon and lemon and are utterly addictive.

Next was a large bottle of sweet Moscatel Vinegar (retail price £8.95). This sounded promising to use as a salad dressing or even as a glaze for vegetables. Then came some nibbles called Habas Fritas (£1.50) which are crunchy salty broad beans that I’ve been snacking away on. I have to say I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about these and could have done without them.

What excited me the most was the appearance of Rabitos Chocolate Coated Figs (£3.95). Chewy figs from Extremadura in the western part of Spain, filled with brandy truffle cream and covered in dark chocolate. Mmmmmmm these were so good – I’m not ashamed to disclose I ate them all on the first day I got the box!

The fifth item was a Empeltre Black Olive Pate (£3.25) which I’ve planned to hoard away to give to my mum when I see her because she is crazy about olives and this pate looks pretty cool. By now I started realizing there was a Spanish theme to the box. Turns out Flavrbox partnered up with Brindisa, who bring Spanish products and ingredients to London sourced from Spain.

The retail price of all these products put together was £20.65 and box costs me £20 so not such a great saving. However, it was a pretty interesting box full of things I hadn’t tried before like the figs and the tortas and it had some really high-quality products like the vinegar and olive pate. And there's the bonus of receiving a surprise package at work and the fun of opening it up that never gets old!

If you’d like to buy any of these products, they are all available on the Brindisa website. And if you’d like to order a Flavrbox, here is their website: www.FlavrBox.com


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