Pizza Pilgrims: Soho Pizzeria serving up Naples-style pizza

When I visited Naples, I had the best pizza ever. It was nothing like I had before – oozing fresh mozzarella and bubbling tomato sauce on top of a super thin crust with a few shards of basil strewn around. So utterly simple, delightful messy and totally delicious.

I’m happy to declare that pizza served up in Pizza Pilgrims came pretty close to that experience. We tried the Fennel Sausage and wild Broccoli pizza which was a big hit – tons of tasty sausage, broccoli and mozzarella and interestingly, no tomato sauce added.
Less successful was the Aubergine Parmigiana pizza where the cubes of aubergine tasted a bit under-cooked. I wished they had thinly sliced the aubergine like the pizza I had in Naples instead of dicing it up – it would have cooked better on the pizza. But other than that  I can’t complain. Super cheap – each pizza is about £9 to £11, tasty and filling and with drinks, we paid £15 per person. We also went at the magical time of 3:30 pm – hence we were able to waltz right in without having to queue for an hour (which was the time given to me last time I attempted going there)

2013 has been a glorious year in terms of dining out for me and this year, I have resolved to try to spend less on dining out (my ultimate weakness) and seek cheaper, more value for money restaurants. Pizza Pilgrims was a good place to start that resolution. Is it worth waiting in line for an hour or so – not really. Like all the massively over-subscribed, popular joints – it's best to visit in the off-peak time of late afternoon if you don't want to queue.
Pizza Pilgrims

11 Dean Street Soho London W1D 3RP
Tube: Piccadilly Circus/Tottenham Court Road

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