Pieds Nus: the Excellent yet Expensive Pop-up Restaurant

Pieds Nus was pretty much perfect.

Delicate little plates of food showing creativity and skill that introduced you to flavour combinations that you wouldn’t have thought worked so well like the scallop ceviche served with fennel and cucumber.

Scallop ceviche with fennel and cucumber

Meat so tenderly cooked that we ended up ordering pretty much all the meat dishes available: tiny little rare bites of beef tartare, tender poached veal with celeriac and truffle, slow cooked pork belly with carrot and potato and the ultimate highlight- the slow cooked lambs neck with aubergine and couscous that was beautifully cooked it simply melts away in your mouth.

And then instead of sensibly sharing one dessert, we ended up ordering two amazing desserts: a deconstructed New York cheesecake with blueberry ice cream and banana concoction of financiers with maple syrup and banana ice cream.

All served in a stripped back, casual, cosy room that makes you feel like you’re in dining in a supper club in Hackney rather than in Marylebone on a street that has two Michelin star restaurants.

New York Cheesecake

Peids Nus was perfect… except for one thing. Actually, make that two things.

The first being during the course of the dinner while cutting up a quails egg, I managed to get bright yellow egg yolk splattered all over my white shirt. While the incident did add to the entertainment factor of the evening, it has however, given me a morbid fear of tiny bird eggs.

The second thing to prick the bubble of perfection that was Pieds Nus was the arrival of the cheque. Pieds Nus is certainly not cheap and it was only at the end of the meal I realized all those small plates I ordered added up in a big way. Looking back, a good strategic move would have been to actually order the bread basket which would have filled us a bit more, thereby ordering fewer dishes. Yet despite the twinge I felt when I saw the bill, I can't fault the perfection of the food.  We really enjoyed the meal though it's best to view it as a one-off treat.

So if you’re in the mood for splurging, check out Pieds Nus, London's most talked about pop-up restaurant. Just remember to order the bread basket!

Pieds Nus   

19 Blandford St, London W1U 3DG
Tel: 020 7486 3353


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