Bubbledogs: Hot dogs & Champagne in Fitzrovia

With an hour of time to kill one evening, I decided to wander down Goodge street. I found myself in front of Bubbledogs, with miraculously no queue in front of it. Well it was 6 pm on a Wednesday but I’ve always refused to go near Bubbledogs since I can’t rationalize the standard 60 minute wait just for hot dogs with a glass of bubbles - all of which can be consumed within 15 minutes.

When I went to the door, I was told there was still 10 to 15 minute wait. I asked if there any way they could squeeze me in given I was there by myself and the manager was nice enough to find me a spot at the bar. Sitting at the bar is the best seat in the house in my opinion and perfect if you’re flying solo. It’s an excellent viewing point to see the rest of the room and watch the bartenders make fancy cocktails.

Bubbledogs reminds me so much of Crif Dogs in New York. Crif Dogs is a hot dog bar in New York known for their infamous crazy hot dogs and at the back of Crif Dogs, behind an old wooden telephone booth, is the swanky hidden speakeasy bar PDT. Similar to Crif Dogs, at the back of Bubbledogs is Kitchen Table which is where the real kitchen prowess is. Getting a seat at the chef’s table to try James Knappets & team’s creations is on my wish list.

Back to the hot dogs, I ordered the Mac Daddy – a beef hot dog smothered in perfectly cooked creamy  cheesy macaroni and topped with fried crispy onions and bacon bits. It was utterly enjoyable and perfectly priced at £7. Bit thankful I was alone because I made quite a mess eating it and felt sorry for anyone who was on a first date here. I can’t imagine attempting to chomp down a hot dog with toppings while trying to be flirtatiously charming at the same time!

Bubbledogs is totally worth a quick visit if the queues are not crazy but in my opinion it’s not a destination place since it’s designed for a quick turnaround. If the queue is ridiculous, skip it and check out the other tons of amazing restaurants in Fitzrovia (like Picture, Lima, Bonnie GullKoba..)

Oh and another bonus of going out by yourself is striking up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. My neighbour happened to be Charlie - the manager of Barnyard. Guess which restaurant in Fitzrovia I’m going to check out next.

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