Tapas Brindisa

So my friend and I decided to meet up for an early dinner on Sunday. We landed up in Tapas Brindisa after discovering Polpo was closed on Sundays.

Tapas Brindisa is part of the Brindisa group, supplier of Spanish produce in the UK. You might have seen them in Borough Market or tried their chorizo and peppers sandwich which covets envious looks from other shoppers when you wander around the market blissfully chomping away.

For some reason, Tapas Brindisa is bit under the radar compared to Jose and Barrafina, the other ‘casual’ tapas bars in London. I’m happy to say it’s not because of their food which is on par with its competitors.

We started with a glass of red wine – Vega De Yuso which I really liked. It left this pleasant aftertaste and some Mahor cheese – mild and slightly nutty and the red jam complement it well.

And then of course was my standard order at a tapas bar – ham croquetas and pan con tomato. A. and I very seriously reviewed these in comparison to Barrafina and Jose. Jose won with its light croquetas and very tomato-ey yet still crispy bread. Barrafina and Brindisa tied at second place. That’s not to say I wasn’t tempted into ordering another round.  Second place is still a very, very good place to be. So you definitely won’t go wrong ordering these. I especially like the bread which is a Catalan flatbread. Dripping with olive oil and lightly smeared tomatoes – simple yet perfect.

Ham Croquetas

Pan con tomato

We then ordered the Pulpo a la gallega – Octopus with potatoes which was lovely. I think I prefer Barafinas version with capers and no potatoes – which is more delicate and cooked very well. And then because I was still feeling hungry, we had a place of iberica ham – which was my least favourite of all the dishes. This is quite strange given they are known as a supplier of jamon.

Pulpo a la gallega

All in all, it was a nice, satisfying meal. The ambiance lacks the buzz of Barrafina and the live action of seeing your food being cooked in front of you. I preferred my dining experience at Barrafina which is a few streets away in Soho. Every dish at Barrafina is cooked so well to bring out the flavour of even the simplest ingredient. Then again, some days you’re not looking to eat at a buzzing, lively tapas bar which you have to wait almost an hour for to get a seat. So on those days, do try out Tapas Brindisa – you won’t be disappointed J

Oh and it’s one those very convienent places that’s open all day all the time. And the bill was about 25£ each.

Tapas Brindisa Soho
46 Broadwick Street W1F 7AF
Tel 020 7534 1690
Tube: Oxford Circus/ Picadilly Circus

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