So one day I had a craving for sushi so I dragged A. out in search of a good sushi place in Marylebone. It was a Friday night and the only other place I could think of in the area was Dinings, one of my favourite restaurants, which was unfortunately out of our price range for now.

I had heard about Tomoe and I determinedly focused on finding it despite A.’s protests that he was hungry and would settle for fish and chips. Puh-leez….that didn’t stop me.

And I did find it – with a little help from Google maps and A’s grudging acceptance to follow me on this quest. Its right down a windy path called Marylebone lane. Past E’ntricote, past The Coachmaker and just before you lose hope and hit the madness of Oxford Street.

It’s quite unassuming and you could be forgiven for walking right past it. I’ll be honest, the interiors are not great at all. But it’s authentic and the food is good and you can get Black Miso Cod for 15£ instead of the typical 30£ so I’m not complaining.

It’s very re-assuring to walk into a sushi place and have it filled with Japanese people. We were sent down to the basement which was really sparse in terms of décor. I’m being nice when I use the term ‘sparse’. Be prepared. Despite all this, I was thrilled at finding it and given the good reviews, keen to try the food.

Everything we ordered was good. We had the mixed tempura, prawn dumplings, spider roll (fried soft shell crab with avocado), black cod with miso and pork kimchee. It’s always a good sign when the rice of the sushi roll is slighty warm.The bill was 48£ for both of us. If we hadn’t ordered the cod, it would have been much less.

I think I just found my new takeaway sushi place. J 

62 Marylebone Lane London W1U 2PB
Tel: 020 7486 2004
Tube: Bond Street/Baker Street

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