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Trishna Gin Fizz Girl Chaat Quail Pepper Fry

When I went to Bombay for a friend's wedding, I got several recommendations to visit the famous Trishna, known for their fresh seafood. And oh my god - best decision of my life. Buttery garlic crab, crispy more-ish Koliwada prawns and an amazing grilled Hyderabadi Pomfret fish blew my mind. 

To get to the restaurant you have to wander down an alley behind the Fort in Kala Ghoda and then you emerge into a busy bustling restaurant crammed with diners sitting at tables heaving with the most delicious food.

In contrast, the sister restaurant called Trishna in London has a much more sedate appearance. Situated on Blandford street, the atmosphere left something to be desired with a far more low energy vibe than its bustling big sister Bombay restaurant. However, I received several good reviews from friends so when the lovely Mandie came down from New Orleans, I decided to bite the bullet and try it out.

To start with we ordered the Quail Pepper Fry and the Potato Chaat. This was the first time I've ever tried quail and I really liked it! The quail was lightly fried with hearty green beans and tomatoes with lots of pepper and curry leaves. The bite size morsels of quail were tender on the inside and deliciously crispy. The chaat was made with mix of chickpeas, onions, spicy green sauce, yogurt and sweet tamarind sauce with crunchy sev sprinkled on top. A very pleasant plate of food which brought back memories of home for me.

Trishna Gin Fizz Girl Lamb Chops Okra Daal Naan

We then proceeded to order the grilled marinated Lamb Chops which were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The meat was cooked so well - I will be going back to Trishna just to solely have these again. The Haryali Bream was a bit of a let-down though. Despite being covered in a bright green chili coriander sauce, it paled in comparison to the tender, succulent lamb chops. We also had some Hyderabadi Daal and stir-fried Okra with a selection of Naan breads - all of which went down very well.

So aside from the fact that I really think they should jazz up their decor a bit, the food is brilliant. Make sure you order the lamb chops. One for each person - it's worth it!


15 -17 Blandford Street, Marylebone London W1U 3DG
Tel: 0207 935 5624
Tube: Baker Street/ Bond Street tube

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