Koya: Simple, Unassuming Japanese restaurant in Soho specializing in Udon noodles

GinFizzGirl Koya udon noodles

I had my first experience of tasting udon noodles at Koya and was rather comforted by the clean fresh flavours presented. Thick long gloopy strands of cold udon noodles were dunked into a hot broth sprinkled with slivers of ginger and spring onions. Coupled with some crispy prawn and vegetable tempura, it was just the right amount of food to walk back home feeling content and satisfied. I had a bit of trepidation when I was handling the noodles with my chopsticks and wondered if I could manage eating this without making a muddle of it and hey, it wasn't too bad. You get into the rhythm of lifting with your chopsticks, twirling the udon around, dunking quickly and then satisfyingly slurping it up. 

My friend had tried the udon with Saba mackerel which she really liked and we shared the special of the day, wild boar with apricot miso paste and grilled spring onions, which was delicious. The bill came up to £18£ each – so for a taste of Japan that’s not the usuall sushi/sashimi offering, check out Koya on Frith Street in Soho.


49 Firth Street London W1D 4SG
No reservations
Tube: Leicester Square/Picadilly Circus

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