Tinello: Excellent Chic Italian restaurant in Chelsea

I was a tad bit unenthusiastic when my friend suggested we try out a restaurant near Sloan Square called Tinello. The moment I heard the words ‘Sloan Square’, I instantly started moaning about how over-priced it’s going to be. I also made a big fuss about trudging all the way out to Chelsea for a meal when we could easily go to one of the many good restaurants in and around Marylebone and Soho.

But in the end, I’m so glad my friend picked Tinello because our meal was amazing!  My dish of Nettle Pappardelle with Duck Ragout was outstanding. Delicate pasta ribbons made with nettle that curved around the most delicious ragout I’ve ever tasted. 

It was so buttery and tasty yet was lighter than the typical pork or beef ragout you get served in Italian restaurants.  Sadly the pictures I took don’t do justice to the food so even though this picture of green pasta might not look its best visually, trust me it was awesome. I’m already planning my next visit just based on that dish alone!

My friends ordered the Gnocchi with Asparagus and also the Spaghetti with crab meat and cherry tomatoes. It was funny how each of us kept insisting our individual dish was the best. This just goes to show the credentials of the restaurant for serving three pretty outstanding dishes. I was so satisfied after the Pappardelle I didn’t even want to order dessert and to be honest, I barely remember the apple tart we shared since I was floating on cloud of pasta-induced bliss.

Oh and we also ordered a bunch of small plates which were pretty fabulous. Some utterly addictive Zucchini fritters, gorgeous Speck ham and creamy Burrata and my favourite of the lot, Tuscan chicken liver Crostini. Coarsely chopped liver pate served on crispy toasted bread. I never usually touch liver but this had an earthy rustic taste that was so comforting and nice.

The bill for all that, with a bottle of wine was just around £30 each. For the quality of food and the surrounding and service – it was excellent value for money. The restaurant is sleek and charming, the ground floor catering for smaller tables and has the perfect ambiance if you’re out on a date and downstairs there are tables for larger groups. I can’t wait to go back there (and perhaps take some better pictures!)

87 Pimlico Road London SW1W 8PH
Tel: 020 7730 3663

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