One week in the Amalfi Coast || A day in the romantic town of Positano

“ A dream place that isn’t quite real when you get there and becomes beckoningly real once you have gone” – John Steinbeck

Seeing Positano from a distance is almost dream-like. It’s perched on the side of a cliff, with pastel coloured houses and winding little streets lined with fuchsia pink bougainvillea that cascade all the way right down to a sandy beach cove by the stunningly blue water.

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 The best way to get to Positano is bus and we took the bus from Sorrento which takes about 50 minutes. Taking the bus is super cheap - a round trip costs 7.80 euros and the same bus takes you to Amalfi and Ravello as well. So technically you could do Positano, Amalfi and Ravello all in one day but it would be a rather hectic day. We decided to spend the whole day in Positano and I'm rather glad we did - the bus ride full of sharp turns and twists so I did get a little queasy in my tummy and was thankful to be getting off. It also tends to get packed during the summer months so you could end up standing unless you wait for the next bus to come which is half an hour away. Tip: Sit on the right side off the bus when travelling from Sorrento to Positano or Amalfi for the best views and on the left side on the way back. 

Positano GinFizzGirl Amalfi Coast

However queasy the bus ride made me, the views along the coast were worth it. There was almost a cinematic feeling to it - like you couldn’t believe what you were seeing was real. Positano has a rather nice beach so it's worth bringing your swimsuit for a dip. Tip: If you are travelling on the local Sita bus, don't get off at the very first Positano stop. You’ll find yourself right on top of the cliff with a long way to travel down. You need to wait till the bus goes down and get off at the fourth stop. It then takes about 10 minutes to walk through the winding streets till you get to the beach.

Positano GinFizzGirl Amalfi Coast

We spent the day wandering around the streets, having a lazy lunch and getting our feet wet while walking on the beach. Positano, with its gorgeous views and pink bougainvillea dotting the landscape, has such a tantalising charm that Capri seems in danger of losing. It was our favourite part of the entire Amalfi coast trip and I can’t wait to go back again.

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