One week in Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast || A Day trip to the Alluring Island of Capri

It seems that beauty does come at a price. Visiting Capri to feast on its splendour is wickedly expensive. I was expecting it to be pricey but nothing prepared me for just how much. The only way to get to Capri from Sorrento is either by ferry boat that takes half an hour and costs 13 euros or a slightly faster ferry at 20 minutes for 17 euros. And that's just one way! The cheaper boat runs less frequently and tickets seem to be mysteriously not available so you send up spending 34 euros on a round trip just to get Capri and back. In a bid to cut cost, we decided to avoid eating out in Capri and packed a light picnic lunch with us. 

Once you adjust your eyes to the spell-binding alluring beauty of Capri, you notice all the high-end designer stores and expensive restaurants lining the streets. A bit at odds with its natural beauty but I guess that’s one major aspect of Capri to note – it caters principally for the rich and famous. 

I would highly recommend the boat tour all around the island which is fantastic. It cost 13 euros per person and was so worth it. Capri is a gorgeous island of steep cliffs and lush dense greenery and the views from sea are incredibly stunning. You truly understand why sailors were lured to the island by the songs of mythical Sirens who lived there and why Emperor Tiberius of Rome decided to retire there and make it his personal pleasure island. 

From the boat, you get see the various grottos in and around island. I'd suggest wearing a swimsuit underneath because at one point, the boat stops at the Green Grotto and you can dive into the emerald green water and swim through the grotto.  My favourite bit was when our boat passed through the majestic Faraglioni rocks – an utterly breath-taking and exhilarating experience.

The boat also stops at the famous Blue Grotto. To enter the Blue Grotto, you need to switch to a row boat and entering it is a rather unnerving experience. The entrance is tiny and I’m amazed how the boatman maneuvered the boat through. To squeeze in, you have squash yourself down flat to avoid knocking your head. So if you have wonky back or knee problem – probably best to avoid this bit.  Inside, the play of colours from the incandescent light azure blue water is beautiful. If you’re on a budget though, you could give this bit a miss. To enter Blue Grotto, you actually have to pay an entry fee of 12.50 euros per person! The boat tour itself shows you enough breath-taking sites that to pay the same amount of money for an underwater cave is a bit overpriced. If you’re up for a bit of splurging, then it is an fun experience.

We also walked around the island and went to the Marina Piccola which is 20 minute walk from the centre of Capri. On the way, you walk down via Krupp a winding path that offers you a steady stream of panoramic views - the photographer in you will be in pure ecstasy. Stunningly gorgeous, we kept stopping to take it all in. At Marina Piccola there are a couple of small pebble beaches where you can enjoy the sun. There are also some private beaches where for 10 to 15 euros, you can rent deck chairs and towels.

Capri was achingly beautiful and dream-like however the island is now primarily for people who can afford the to pursue such pricey pleasure. For however prudent you are, a visit to Capri does burn a little hole in your pocket. Yet we had no regrets visiting that gorgeous little  island.

Coming up next: Romantic Positano, where we left a little piece of our hearts behind.


  1. This place is absolutely marvelous. Congrats for having the chance to visit it!

  2. thanks! I definitely go back again :)


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