Hawksmoor Spitalfields: My Guide to choosing a Hawksmoor Steak

I had the best steak of my life at Hawksmoor. It needed no frills, no sides, and no sauces; it was just beautifully grilled and amazingly succulent meat. One piece of advice – go with a group of friends.

You see this isn’t a place for a romantic date for two, this is the type of place you go with a gluttonous group of friends so that you can justice to all the meat and sides.

You need to do this because the best cuts come in gigantic sizes like 800 to 900 grams. I mean on a good day, I could do maybe 300 gm but sharing a 900 gm steak between two people is so out of my league. I went with a friend and we finally settled for the Rib eye and Fillet which totalled 750 gm and ordered 2 sides – a light healthy salad and some yummy unhealthy triple cooked chips. But I wished I could have tried more – I wanted the creamed spinach and the mac n cheese and all that good stuff.

That’s when I realized you have to come in a group. It’s way more cost effective because then you can share the gigantic 900 gm steak between four people and get to try all the delicious sides on offer.

Guide to Hawksmoor Steaks

I also thought I’d write up a little guide because I found it quite bewildering initially on which steak to choose.The first four are offered as fixed sizes on the menu so if the smaller cuts on the specials chalkboard are gone, these are probably the best bet if it’s just two of you.

1. Fillet (300 gm for £34) (about £11.30 per 100 gm)
A popular prime cut that’s considered the most lean and tender steak of all with little fat which makes it a bit lower on the flavour scale.  This comes from the inside the sirloin and essentially, it’s a muscle that doesn’t do much work hence why it’s so lean and low fat.

2. Rib eye (400g for £30) (about £9 per 100 gm) 
Another popular cut that comes from the rib section is the Rib eye. It has a higher fat content and hence more flavour and with a good cut, you can see the marbling of fat on it.

3. Bone in Sirloin (500 gm for £28) (about £5.60 per 100 gm)
Sirloin is a cut that from the hindquarters of a cow. It’s sort of in-between a fatty rib eye and a lean fillet that comes on the bone. The fatty bit sits on top of the steak and can be cut off.

4. D-rump (350 gm for £20)  (about £5.70 per 100 gm) 
This is a cheaper cut from the backside of a cow that is a little bit tougher than other cuts but has huge amounts of flavour.

The next four are on the daily specials board and come in different sizes which is best for large groups to share.

5. Chateaubriand (£13 per 100 gm)
The most expensive prime cut - very similar to the fillet but much larger and pricier.

6. Porterhouse (£9 per 100 gm)
A part sirloin, part fillet steak with less bone and more meat from the lower side of the cow.

7. T-Bone  (£8 per 100 gm)
A T-Bone steak is similar to Porthouse and slightly cheaper. Again, with a fillet on one side and sirloin on the other, makes the cut both tender and flavourful.

8. Bone-in prime rib (£7.50 per 100 gm)

This usually a bigger cut with a bone in it from the rib section and again has a lot of fat. It’s essentially a rib eye with a bone.

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