Sixty One: Fine Dining on offer at in Marble Arch

One evening, I found myself walking up and down Upper Berkely street near Marble Arch searching for the elusive new restaurant Sixty-One. London streets are known for their random numbering but despite checking Google maps – I found myself in front of an abandoned entrance where No.61 should have been. After calling them, it turns out the restaurant is across the street, way down the road – bizarre.

Anyway, the elusive Sixty-One is a rather new restaurant – only months old and despite having a pricey looking a la carte menu, they offer 2 courses for £19 and 3 courses for £34 as well. Incredible because for the quality and service provided, it was a great value. We got a lovely bread basket with the most delicious airy butter. The starters were a delight – simple yet gorgeous salad of marinated beetroot, blue cheese and walnuts for me which looked so pretty on the plate and for my dining a companion – ‘Pig on toast’ a porky pate on toast which was again very nice presented.

For the mains, I was torn between the roasted Cod and the Duck l’Orange. I chose the cod in an effort to be healthy and it was perfectly lovely served in a deep bowl with winter vegetables and tasty lardons but truthfully I yearned for the duck.

Since we did the 2 courses for £19 offer, we didn’t have dessert but were still offered some lovely little macarons and chocolates at the end of the meal. I definitely think worth checking out this new restaurant and their prix-fix menu – fancy fine dining at a wallet-friendly price.

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