Burger & Lobster: Great Value for Money Lobster near Green Park

After reading so many good reviews of Burger & Lobster, O. and I were dying to go check it out. However, warnings of the long waiting queue put us off but one surprisingly sunny Saturday we made our way to Mayfair (if you live in London, any sunny day is huge surprise, even if it’s in June.)

The queue wasn’t so bad when we went at 1:30 pm – we spent a pleasant half an hour chatting at the bar, having a cocktail called the ‘Summer of Love’. Gentle foretelling of the future, I suppose J

Burger & Lobster operates on the simple premise that you can either have a burger or a lobster or (for those who can’t decide) a lobster roll for £20 with a salad and fries on the side. We decided getting a burger wasn’t worth it – it would have to be the lobster – a much better deal.

However, dedicated readers will remember my inept handling of the crab from Wright Brothers and I balked at the thought of dismantling a lobster, however delicious it might be. And it did look good, seeing other tables where people were fishing out delicious lobster bits and dunking them in garlicky butter sauce.

But I opted for the easy way out and chose the lobster roll. Chunks of lobster in light, mayo sauce, cradled in a generously buttered brioche roll.

It was really good but still didn’t match up to the lobster roll I had in New York at Luke’s Lobster in the East Village – where I was transported to joyful oblivion on the first bite. However, given that I am in London and Luke’s Lobster roll is a distant memory, perhaps I should stop waxing on about something I ate in 2010 J

So if you want to get your hands dirty and deconstruct an entire lobster or just simply inhale a lobster roll in one breath like I did, make your way down to Mayfair to the queue outside Burger & Lobster.  

Burger & Lobster

29 Clarges street, Mayfair London W1J 7EF
Tel: 02074091699       
Tube: Green Park

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