Taste of London: the ultimate food festival in Regent's Park, London

Every summer there is huge food festival in Regents Park called Taste of London where around 40 of the top restaurants in London set up stalls showcasing their signature dishes. As you can probably guess, this is a major event in my calender! This year I went with my Welsh friend Rhys and we ended up stuffing ourselves silly.

The Iberico pork and foie gras burger from Opera Tavern was sooo good. I’m not exactly sure if the foie gras was in the burger patty or on top but the taste of the meat and sauce with bread made it an amazing burger. I defintely want to visit Opera Tavern now.

Plump, juicy pan-fried scallops with pancetta, chilli and lentils from Theo Randall.

Salt and Pepper fried Squid from Maze – sadly quite forgettable and left an unpleasant peppery after-taste.

Lamb Hotdog from Bar Boulud – was quite disappointing as well. It looked gorgeous but the lamb tasted a bit strange.

Fried balls of Tomato Risotto, Mozzarella and Olive/Veal from Bocca di Lupo made me want to revisit Bocca di Lupo. 

Slow cooked pork belly with apple sauce and truffle potato mash from Launceston Place. Looked quite unassuming but was so delicious.

A beautiful Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Cake from Yauatcha. I’ve never seen a dessert look like this – it captivated me and despite Rhys misgivings, I insisted on getting it. It tasted as good as it looked and even Rhys was glad we got it.

Passion Fruit Tart from Rhodes 24. On the first bite, my tastebuds died and went to heaven. The tart was perfect – it was like a lemon tart but the passionfruit adds a gentle sweetness.

It is bit pricey though, the tickets are about £20 and that’s just for the entry. Then you pay £3 to £7 for each dish, which could add up if you go a little crazy like us. But I think it’s worth it – it’s a chance to explore and try food from restaurants you might have not heard of but are now keen to visit. There are also dozens of independent stores where you can sample and buy things like bread, cheese, ham and olives. And free cooking demonstrations from famous chefs and wine tastings and outdoor bars strewn all around. All in all, you could spend a lovely day out in Regents Park in food paradise J

Taste of London runs from Thursday 21st till Sunday 24th of June.


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