Discover Veliac: Electric Bikes and Trikes

The first time I met my friend Pedro, I made fun of his T-shit that said 'Veliac'. In retrospect, he took it quite well given that Veliac is the name of his electric bicycle company. He designs and sells bicycles and tricycles that are battery powered. These are perfect for people who use cycles to commute to work or are into mountain biking or generally cycle long distances, unlike me! I just recently learned how to cycle a couple of months ago with very shaky balance.

But oh my, when he came to London to exhibit at the London Bike show, I hopped on to one of the trikes and they are awesome! You can start off just cycling like a regular bike but once you turn on the power it's like a high speed scooter. And since it has 3 wheels you technically don't even need to know how to cycle - which made me feel a lot more confident. 

If you want to know more, here is his website. He has dealers all over England and Europe. 


  1. I like these electric bikes models. How much is for the red color tri-electric bike.

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