Doing a road trip around Andalusia has been a dream of mine for a long time and it finally happened this April! We decided to take a week driving around Andalusia in a loop – starting at Seville, visiting Cordoba, Granada and Marbella and finally chilling at Vejer.

The first day after landing in Seville airport, we took a cab (about 20 euros) to our hotel IMG Rey Alfonso X in Barrio Santa Cruz, dropped off our bags and then just wandered around Seville soaking in the atmosphere, eating tapas after tapas and of course, relaxing with a siesta! 

Walking around Seville is a pleasure – it’s a city with such charm and gorgeous Moorish architecture. Since we were there during the Holy Week, we also got to see some Santa Semana processions led by various brotherhoods which were fascinating.

I’ve never really eaten much seafood at Chinese restaurants – I always tend to go for the more meaty options. But when we were told that Mandarin Kitchen in Bayswater serves the best Lobster Noodles in London – I was totally up for checking it out. The source of this information was our trusty driving instructor Albert Low; who by the way is an excellent instructor. Leave a comment if you’d like his contact details for driving lessons in Central London or Richmond.

I stumbled upon Mondsey at the Bermondsey Street festival and had a taste of what this talented duo of Karen and JP could offer at their food stall and resolved to find them again. I was in luck; they also held regular supper clubs in Bermondsey showcasing Malaysian cuisine. So I roped in my Spanish friend to come with me to one of their Saturday night supper clubs. He'd never been to a supper club before and was gamely up for a new experience.

I had the best steak of my life at Hawksmoor. It needed no frills, no sides, and no sauces; it was just beautifully grilled and amazingly succulent meat. One piece of advice – go with a group of friends.

You see this isn’t a place for a romantic date for two, this is the type of place you go with a gluttonous group of friends so that you can justice to all the meat and sides.

You need to do this because the best cuts come in gigantic sizes like 800 to 900 grams.

Right in the middle of all the chaos of Soho, stands L’Escargot - a French restaurant that's been around from the 1920’s. The moment you walk into the old townhouse, you feel transported straight to Paris with their bistro style menu full of all the French classics.

I had the Coquilles St. Jacques – three tender wobbly scallops baked with bacon, garlic and majoram and some sides of haricot beans and dauphinoise potatoes.

One evening, I found myself walking up and down Upper Berkely street near Marble Arch searching for the elusive new restaurant Sixty-One. London streets are known for their random numbering but despite checking Google maps – I found myself in front of an abandoned entrance where No.61 should have been. After calling them, it turns out the restaurant is across the street, way down the road – bizarre.

Trying to get reservations on a Saturday night is near impossible in London if you haven’t booked at least a week in a advance. Luckily, I found two new restaurants that looked interesting but couldn’t decide between: Little Social and Antidote. Both had good reviews, the only major difference being the set up of the menu at Antidote was bit different. 

For dinner, they offered a 4 course set menu at £40, which I felt a bit wary about yet at the same intrigued by.

When some of my friends suggested catching up over dinner – I instantly threw out the suggestion of Flesh & Buns which I’ve wanted to try out for ages. It sounded fun and I love Japanese food – what’s not to like?

Well, at first, Flesh & Buns seemed to have all the right stuff - a menu full of crowd pleasing dishes and quirky cool elements like bathrooms plastered with manga comics (with some overtly sexualized male fantasy images that I wasn't really a fan of).

This was initially supposed to be a post on things to do in Mallorca but to be totally honest, all we did was laze by the pool during the day and then wander around Palma in the evenings. So a lot of sleeping and eating mainly! Sometimes those are exactly the type of vacations you need. We came back to London utterly refreshed and ready to face the gloomy grey weather after spending four perfectly sunny, relaxing days in Palma.

When I’ve been asked to recommend a wine bar in the past, the only place that used to come to mind was Vinoteca, a rather successful and popular wine bar that’s now popped up in various locations. However, I’m a bit indifferent to the food served there and tastings by the glass add up to quite a bit on your bill.